Thursday, September 1, 2016

The Space Between

After months of relentless work, expectations, and stress, I yearned for that place that I seldom find. One can seek it out, but there is no actual path to get there; one must inadvertently stumble into it, and tonight I did.
After a few hours on my own, devoid of talk and company, it opened itself up to me and invited me in. It's a place you can only find when you're one with yourself, a place of the quiet mind; a space where you're aware of the reality around you yet unmolested by it. It's odd really, that I like people and yet at times avoid crowds, or avoid talk in the midst of a crowd. tonight was the latter. 

The setting was loud, music blaring with unrelenting beats, and the high rumble of chatter. Yet in that moment, my mind was still, deeply aware of all that was going on around me, yet detached from it. My place of meditation. 

We all have goals in life, that which we hope to achieve. In life, in relationships, and business. Most of us forget that while our efforts contribute to the outcome, we're not really in control of it. For some that makes us feel afraid, others empowered. 

Success, for whatever that may entail, is a mixture of vision to set us on our course, passion to ignite our motivation, and a dose of magic -- the circumstances to bring it all together. Some may call that luck, But what is magic but that which occurs for reasons beyond our comprehension?

I had thought that I was on the cusp of the magic. Through a serious of serendipitous activities in the preceding months, in a flurry of encounters in the waning days of my recent trip to NYC,  I found myself in the company of strangers; an investment group that expressed interest in -- and a unexpected clarity of -- my current project in development. 

For the first time (in recent memory) I was confronted by people that seemed to get it. I didn't force it, or try to convince them of it, I merely explained it to the best of my ability and they got it,; they contributed expanded thoughts about it, and appeared ready to help bring it to fruition. 

I didn't really have any feeling about it, either apprehension, fear or anything else. It appeared to have taken a life of its own, organically. It was a refreshing experience; it was occurring in the moment without an agenda. 

When they ultimately reversed course and passed, I was disappointed. Tonight I wondered why I had any emotion about it. 

Many years ago when the words of Rolph Potts resonated with me -- through his book Vagabonding -- about the way of the traveler [arriving at a place with no predisposed expectations, but merely experiencing it for whatever it happened to be], tonight it comes full circle as I recognize that life, and any business endeavor subsequent to that adventure, is too just a moment in the experience. 

So instead of disappointment, I can enjoy that experience: be happy for the moment, of that connect and interaction. And what will be will be.  

The project I feel just as strongly about; in my bones energized that it is the right thing at the right time.

An idea whose time has come is a potent thing, and I have to remain resolute in that it will come to be, or that it won't. Nevertheless I feel the pull to pursue it with the passion I am committed to, and grind it out until it's time arrives.  

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