Thursday, September 20, 2012

The New Middle Age

I never thought much about birthdays growing up; they never resonated for me. It was always just a day that someone else -- my mother, my wife, my friends -- decided to have a party that I would attend and receive some presents. I never carried any emotion for me.

Sudden Life Shifts

Life is an odd thing with no warning of when it may shift beneath your feet and take you in a  direction you never expected. I was in Denver visiting with my sister and family this past spring. So while there I  contacted the Office of Tourism to see if they could assist me with contacts for potential stories. They did, and while the places I went to review were all interesting, it was the stories of the people behind them that was more so. 

Sunday, September 2, 2012

The Smallest Meditator

The Religious-Science Impassse

Recently arriving in Bangalore India for a six-month stay, I’ve enjoyed the daily reading of The Speaking Tree column; prompting me to return to my own thoughts on religion and being.

Coming from a mixed-religion household, my mother was a Protestant, (of English, Scottish and Cherokee heritage), and my father was a Jew (of an Irish Catholic father, and a Russian Jewish mother), i’m not quite sure if that makes me -- religiously speaking -- more confused, or less.